B.S.Goraya's Vanishing Punjab

Photographs of Archaeological Sites and Scenes



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I am not any Archaeological  expert but have a passion for this subject. Since I keep roaming in the countryside, henceforth I have decided to share my experiences with readers. This is  for information that Archaeological  heritage of East Punjab is in utter neglect due to apathetic approach of the Govt and secondly the land in East Punjab is in shortage. Unfortunately no university or any other department of the Govt have ever conducted some meaningful survey in Punjab since 1970s.

It has not been possible for me to give relevant history of the site/building in question and only a  brief description is provided. Lovers of Punjab archaeology and historians may themselves locate the relevant history page. I will welcome  scholars to add relevant history pages to this site. Please do send the details I will faithfully keep linking the details furnished by experts. I am just photographing it for the posterity.  At some places the archaeologist may complain for inclusion of some of the recent structures. This because the site is old but the structure is renovated recently. This is mostly in case of Sikh shrines---B.S.Goraya
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welcome step, please provide it location detail

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