With their back-bone broken at home and completely routed by Punjab Police the Khalistanis are still very much active in the European and American countries, if the Punjabi weekly 'Des Pardes" and "Punjab Times International" being published from U.K are to believed. These papers often carry full page spreads including cover page advertisements in these tabloids in support of the 'Khalistani cause'. Most of them are placed by Federation of Sikh Organisations (FSO) U.K' which has among its constituents the secessionist organisations like the Khalistani Govt in Exile, International Sikh Youth Federation, Babbar Khalsa International, Council of Khalistan, Dal Khalsa and (including) Shromani Akali Dal, U.K.

From the FSO releases it appears that their major activity is to arrange demonstrations before the Indian High Commission on some 'suitable occasion'. The intentions of these organizations become clear by cover page Ad of the FSO on Aug. 20, 1997, in the Punjab Times International which was titled 'FIFTY YEARS OF SLAVERY-WHY BYCOTT AUG. 15, CELEBRATIONS' On one side of the page the Ad is illustrated with a photograph of the damaged Akal Takhat ' with vultures flying a top.On the other side photograph of a body of a Sikh with visible burn injuries, allegedly boiled alive by the police, is placed .The Ad also features, 'Why the Sikhs are celebrating 50 years of struggle' and a traditional Akali slogan "A Record of Betrayal".
The Des Pardes tabloid of 22- 8-97 carried a feature titled, 'Sikhs who won freedom for Country are slaves  themselves" While the Punjab Times International (PTl) carried an advertisement questioning, "Sikhs ! Freedom of what ? Which Freedom ? Whose Freedom?"The Ad is issued by Wadhawa Singh Babbar of BKI and is repeated in subsequent issues also. A similar release appeared from Sikh Student Federation of Lavshinder Singh Dallewal, Balwinder Singh Dhillon, and Naranjan Singh Basi.
 Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan, the self styled President of Khalistan, in Des Pardes on one occasion cautions Tohra on making a demand for the precious by things from the locker of the last Maharaja Dalip Singh. He questions Tohra whether he will be able to ensure the safety of such a treasure. He asks," Where is the canopy which was studded with diamonds and emeralds and was presented by Maharaja Ranjit Singh on receipt from Nawab of Hyderabad." The Des Pardes of 22-8-97 also carries an article by the Indian Sikh writer Mahip Singh under the title, 'Why Khalistan could not be formed at the time of partition of India'. This contains another highly inflammatory advertisement from Khalistan Liberation Movement' lt also asks the Sikh Youth of Belgium, to collect funds etc.
Des Pardes also carries a news item that 3 Sikh youths have been arrested under the terrorism prevention act. ln the same issue an item appears that the Akali Dal UK disassociates it self from the FSO as it differed with the FSO approach of carrying out demonstrations even against the Akali Minister of Punjab. The declaration of dissassociation followed the visit by Punjab Finance Minister Captain Kanwaljit Singh. The persuasion of Akali Dal  UK from the secessionist activities was however an achievement going to the credit of Captain Kanwaljit Singh. Ranjit Singh Brahmpura the Co- operation Minister and Charanjit Singh Atwal Speaker and Akali leader Satnam singh Chahal rick for the Scotland Yard. The Captain had a narrow escape when he was spotted by the Khalistanis in London's Park Avenue while there was a scuffle in the meeting of Brahmpura . Later the British Home Office advised the UK High Commissioner in Delhi to refuse visas -to Minister and Police officers who were on the hit lists.
On 17-10-97 Pritam Singh Sekhon of KLF issued statement condemning the Akalis and alleged that it were the Akalis who armed the Sikh youth 19 years ago and were now disowning them and blaming the Congress after 1.5 lac Sikhs were massacred. He vowed to continue the struggle.
While the secessionists have. quite actively boycotted the Independence celebrations a series of programmes and concerts are being arranged to observe the occasion. Among the organisers are one Subhash Malhi and Rakesh Bharadwaj who presented folk singers Bhagwant Mann, Gursewak Mann and Harbhajan Mann. For the celebrations of golden jubilee also the full page advertisements are placed in these tabloids.
The Secessionist organisations not only organise public meetings and demonstrations but arrange exhibitions as well. Such exhibitions are visited by the Whites also apart from Asians. An organisation under the banner of Khalsa Human Rights is quite active in London. On 1T-1O-gT another organisation Punjabi Human Rights Internet hosted a reception in the honour of Mr. Hallinaton, M.p and Chairman of Human Rights Parliamentary Committee of the House of Commons in which some more Labour MPs are invited.
The Des Pardes of 24-10-97 carried a news earlier item where the British Airways surrenders before two Sikh employment seekers who were refused job as the Sikhs could not wear helmet due to turbans and beards . The Company compromised and stated that they would specially design the safety mask which could fit on tha Sikh heads as well.
On 11 and 1Z-10-9T the 'Council of Khalistan ' celebrated its 1Oth anniversary. lts president Gurmit Singh Aulakh urged Badal and Tohra to assist Bhai Ranjit Singh when he was facing re arrest. All the secessionist organisations in Europe supported Bhai Ranjit Singh including the Sikh Youth of Betgium and Germany.
On 19-10-97 the Internationai Sikh Youth Federation organised a meeting at Leicestor to mourn and remember Sukha and Jinda who had Killed Gen. Vaidya at pune, for which full page advertisements were given in the papers. The invitation under the 13m.e Ajit Singh Sarpanch. parmjit Singh Panjwarh head of the Khalistan Commando Force also released a 'homage'. Terming Sukha and Jinda, the martyrs for the cause of Khalistan.
The above mentioned London paper: quoting India Today's survey gave headlines that India will be fragmented in the coming fifty years. While the Khalistanis are sparing no space in the papers in the propaganda the Indian ads do not appear quite often. However one Shri Guru 1 Ravidass Sabha, UK is doing the yeoman's job.

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