Gursikhs should be aware that many people are jealous of high spirited Sikhs and salient features of Sikhism. So the jealous people just to vent their feelings post Sikh insulting material. Touts (and some foolish Sikhs also) loose no opportunity and are forwarding such  insulting photos/paintings on facebook to hurt the feelings of Sikhs. The Govt of India is upset with Sikhs' Chardi Kala character. The aim of the touts is to implement the Govt policy to ensure that the Sikhs loose this characteristic of being 'High spirited person. On the other hand you can't catch every mischievous person on earth. Mostly do with fake ids. So kill the post at the very first site. Don't forward it to any body.
Thus a true Sikh of the Guru will never promote such a dirty material i.e he will not ‘share’ ‘comment’ or ‘like’ such a photo. The best way to deal such things is to ignore and if it is in your command launch some legal prosecution. When you ignore such seditious publication it gets killed automatically.
I see since yesterday this photo of a clean-shaven person with gatra-kirpan (belt-sword) is being promoted by touts. It is the way you take things. I personally feel there is nothing wrong and blasphemous in this. Remember the gatra-kirpan was used by Pathans and Mughal soldiers even before Sikhs started its use.
I remember 6 months ago I found two south Indian young men coming out  of Golden Temple premises with gatra-kirpan on their waist. I smiled. The man said, “We have also become sardarji” and we exchanged pleasantries. They said they are damn impressed with the langar. On said, “Sardarji people don’t discriminate on caste in langar.” I said not only caste we ignore religion. I said have you marked doors on all the four sides of Golden Temple? I said they are for all the four varnas (groups of races) .One cried, “Oh God you are right!” I said say ‘o Guru Nanak you are great’ He said ‘Yes’. I said say ‘ Waheguru’ and you wont believe they shouted, “Waheguru ji ka khalsa..:
So friends it  is up to you how you take things. If I see something dirty I just ignore. It does hurts me. But I won’t like to hurt the feelings of my other friends by forwarding it. So friends try to ignore bad things. To see a bad thing if you get infuriated you bring success to the wrong man who posted it. If you ignore and don’t forward his purpose is defeated. Therefore friends learn to ignore certain things.
But please don’t ignore this message pass it on to maximum friends if you are well wisher of Gursikhi.

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