Once again it is proved that it is the cowards who adopt easy paths in life. When the people of Punjab were struggling against the excesses of Congress Central Govt, some black-sheep became touts of the Govt. The Govt injected terrorism in the legitimate and peaceful struggle of Punjabis to malign it before the world. It was then time for the cheap people to earn easy money by clandestinely adopting wrong ways but they were shielded by the official machinery because they supported the Congress state.
We have many examples were such anti- social elements finally commit suicide. We have the glaring example of  Criminal in Uniform ex-Senior Suptt. of Police Ajit Singh Sandhu who when cornered before the law took the other way to cope up by committing suicide.
Today’s papers are carrying headlines of another tout committing not only suicide but eliminated whole of his family. Killing his innocent daughter, wife and son, what more cruelty could there be. If the beast had decided to take his life he should have taken his own, but such people are always a burden on society and the way they would enjoy the sadistic pleasure of others pains he again drew the pleasure from the pains of his own family. In fact they don’t belong to any family, any body. If a man has no love for his village society, his nation, he can’t be faithful to his own family, is thus proved once again.
(In the end I must clarify that I don’t know this Avtar Singh and had never heard him before I got  a hint from Punjab Spectrum that he was a tout. We are told that he was president of the so called Anti-Terrorist Front.)
It is also being rumoured that KPS Gill another mass murderer of Punjabis has developed strong tendencies for such an act i.e suicide. We also learn he is suffering from a variety of disease. We suggest the Govt to increase his security so that he can’t commit and crime and see that he lives a full life of repentance.

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