I have been crying for years now that the Congress has since hijacked Khalistan movement and not only they are secretly damaging the movement their main attack is on Sikhism. They are creating confusions in the minds of Sikhs about Gurbani and Gurmat. Nitnem blessed by the Guru sahiban  is their main target. If I am wrong have you ever heard of Simranjeet Singh Mann and Daljit Singh Bittu opposing the moves of touts like Gurteja, Jinder Spokesmania, Darsho Rogi, Harjinder Dil Dilgeera, Inder Ghagga, Gurbaksa Kala Peela, Dhoonda Poonda, Jeona Chor Gurbachna? No, it has never been.
We of course have a grudge against Govt of India which outwardly gives the impression of being a secular but in fact is out and out communal one. Fore example the tout army raised by it to counter Khalistan movement is in fact working against Sikhism. It clearly proves that minority religions are not safe here. 
Our other grievance is against the Sikh Diaspora in countries like Canada, USA and UK who instead of extending a tactical support to us in our hour of crisis have foolishly supported the Govt touts by inviting them to their gurdwaras and supporting them monetarily. These naïve people have failed to identify the fake army deputed by Govt. The Diaspora money has been used to create media and publications of the Govt. The touts are now running a newspaper here and many TV channels,  radio stations and newspapers in Canada, USA and UK. Even Kala Afghana's blasphemic books were printed with the money of diaspora Sikhs.
Any way, what ever the strength of falsehood, ultimately the truth prevails.
The ugly faces of touts get naked when their mother the Congress is fighting battle for its survival. The fake Khalistanis have started canvassing openly in favour of their mother party the Congress:
1.    Which sowed the seeds of Hindu-Sikh discord.
2.    Which invaded our sacred place the Golden Temple in 1984.
3.    Which massacred thousands of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984 and destroyed lakhs of Sikh business houses
4.    Which played a bloody game in Punjab killing 25000 Sikh youths and many innocent Hindus.
5.    Which is shifting our industry to neighbourings states by making laws.
6.    Which raised the drug network in Punjab to destroy our youth.
7.    Which tried to destroy Punjab's educational set up etc
And no surprise the fake Khalistanis have come to the rescue of Congress. We have information that the pseudos of Mann Akali Dal, the Panch Pardhani Dal, the Dal Khalsa, some leaders of Damdami Taksal and Federations are supporting the Congress candidates.  DOWN WITH THE PSEUDO-KHALISTANIS WHO SELL THEIR SOUL FOR A BREAD PIECE. TO HELL WITH THEM.

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Unknown said...

You think bjp is the only party who can save Sikhism then you are stupid. They are worse than congress party. Everything's happened with us BJP is partner in whole game. Ross wants to kill Sikhism.

Unknown said...
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