The communalists among  Hindus treat Amritsar as the Sikh city and try to discriminate  against it whenever some developmental activity is to take place.

by B.S.Goraya
  • They rejoiced army invasion of 1984 of Golden Temple for which even the Govt has apologized. RSS  led by the communalist leader Kanta Chawla distributed sweets among the soldiers who participated in attack.
  • They supported the Govts Galiara scheme around Golden Temple demolishing many historic structures and illegally occupied Brahm Buta Akharha through a conspiracy.
The communalism queen Kanta Chawla
  • Through a conspiracy with Baba Jagtar Singh Kar sewa wala and some SGPC officials they got Lohgarh- the first Sikh fort demolished in 1994.
  • When Captain Amrinder Singh CM approved the plane to build an elevated road near the over jested  Bus Stand and Rly Station they opposed it with the plea that it would disturb the city scenario
  • When  4 laning of GT Road started they opposed it with the plea that many a tree would be felled.
  •  When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced SEZ industrial cluster for Amritsar the communalists became mad and vehemently opposed it taking the plea that the Amritsar is border city and such a project would not be safe here. The tribune newspaper group supported the communalists through its editorial.
  • The RSS while it supported Galiara scheme around Golden Temple but opposed widening of an approach road to it. It shamelessly opposed the road notwithstanding all the concerned house owners had got the alternative sites and compensation. It approached the High Court and loosing the case here it went upto Supreme Court. Please see the whole story in video here:

  • Now the communalist Kanta Chawla has opposed widening of a few roads with the  plea that many a trees are being felled this way. Please read the story in Punjabi above.
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