No special, this is an ordinary party

Anna Hazare flouted the idea of transparent administration in India which was hijacked by Kesriwal.
People felt there was nothing wrong because the intentions seemed pious. Later however it was felt Kejriwal seemed to be in hurry and went on to contest elections without training the leadership on the concept of Transparency. 
Similarly the disappointed Punjabi electorate was looking for any hope and it immediately upheld what ever was given to it in the name of transparency.
For Kejriwal the miracle happened when the party reached Lok Sabha via Punjab. 
Perhaps Kejriwal felt that it was too easy and thus the idea of Transparency was thrown to winds and again announced candidature for the by elections of Patiala and Talwandi Sabo. Kejriwal hardly believed in training the leadership with the revolutionary idea of Transparency and it is believed that he became in hurry for the chair.
What I am saying is not without proof.
On 15-8-14 we asked 20 questions from AAP and posted them on about 60 Facebook groups. 


We were surprised to find that some AAP promoted groups either didn't allow those question or were critical of the very propriety to ask such question on the 'crucial hour of elections'. Some said they were asked to damage the party.
But the party preferred to remain silent on them. Had the men been trained on Transparency the questions were rather an opportunity for the AAP to open up. Had they been committed to truth they would have volunteered to answer those questions.
One might say that the question didn't reach the core leadership. 
But the fact is even the MP level leaders had the same approach as that of any other leader of any other party. Especially it was evident in the recent elections.
Thus it shows this is any AAM party the general and not special the AAP.

AAM in Hindustani means general

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