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Jagtar Singh Tara Arrested in Thailand - Tara was never out of sight of agencies

Jagtar Singh Tara Arrested in Thailand - Tara was never out of sight of agencies

It is in news today that Jagtar Singh Tara assassin of Beant Singh CM has been arrested from Thailand 3 days ago. My opinion is that it is all mere drama because I believe that Tara was never out of sight of the Indian agencies. The fact is Khalistani movement stand hijacked by Indian agencies and it the agencies which dramatise things. My opinion is that agencies helped the assassins to dig tunnel in the Burail jail and subsequently some the prisoners were nabbed while Tara was made to slip overseas. I am pretty certain that funds for Tara's travel were given by overseas Khalistanis who later informed the Punjab Police. –Just my opinion. (06-01-2015)
Any way here is the news clipping from Indian Express.
CHANDIGARH: In an international operation former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh's assassin Jagtar Singh alias Tara was arrested in Thailand by Thai Police on a tip-off on his movements given by the Punjab Police after he had escaped from High Security Burail Jail ten year ago.
Sources said that the most wanted sikh militant was arrested from the house of  Bari in Phuket, who is said to be a brother of Sultan Bari, a Pakistan-based agent of Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). He was living under a fake name as Gurmeet Singh son of Kaka Singh on a Pakistani passport. He june last year he had moved to Thailand from Pakistan as before that he had been living in Pakistan after he had escaped from the high security jail here via Nepal.
A Punjab Police team had gone to Thailand in September for three weeks and later in November another police team was sent to arrest Tara but he had gone underground.
 “Tara is in the custody of the Thailand police and we will be completing all formalities to bring him back here as soon as possible,’’ said a senior Punjab police official.
Tara who was self-styled commander of Khalistan Tiger Force was one of the masterminds in the assassination of Beant Singh by a human bomb outside Punjab Secretariat in Chandigarh on August 31, 1995. Besides Beant Singh, 17 others had lost their lives in that blast.
Tara and along with other assassins Paramjit Singh Bheora and Jagtar Singh Hawara with their accomplice Dev Singh had escaped from high-security Burail jail in Chandigarh in 2004 after digging 100 feet long tunnel from their barrack to outside the jail.
While Hawara and Bheora were later nabbed from Nepal, Tara and Dev Singh had slipped into Pakistan.  Dev Singh is still  believed to be  in Pakistan on fake name of Luck Singh.
Reacting over the arrest, former Director General of Police KPS Gill said, " Punjab Police has done a good job. They have been after him for a long time."
The suicide bombing was carried out by Dilawar Singh Jaisinghvala of Khalistan Liberation Force. Standby bomber Balwant Singh Rajoana was also convicted for the killing and later sentenced to death. However, various Sikh groups protests against sentence leading to the government staying his execution in 2012.

Lo & Behold
I am virtually confirmed on the above as the papers have carried a story on 21-1--2015 that the authorities knew that a tunnel was being dug in the jail. A witness has confirmed it in court. Here is the news item:

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