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Q. My hair is falling very rapidly. What can I do to check the hair loss ?
A. The formation and growth of hair cells depend on proper nourishment and oxygen, which only the blood stream can supply. Therefore, the function of blood is indispensable to the health and life of hair. When the body is healthy, hair growth flourishes. lf the body is ill, hair weakens and as any functioning organ, it dies, When the blood stream provides the hair with food elements; it grows strong. lf not properly nourished, it becomes weak and eventually hair loss occurs. So good blood supply to the hair is very important.
 Cleanliness of hair is another important aspect of hair care. So do take care of your personal hygiene. For that use of a good shampoo as frequently as the ' need be is recommended.
Also to achieve the hair loss do massage your scalp regularly with f ingertips using hair vitalisers containing proteins. A balanced diet too can make a great difference.
Q. Normally, my face is clear and  without pimples but in rainy season so many pimples erupt and theface becomes sticky, Please tell what I should-use ?
A" Because of humidity in the weather, the skin becomes sticky and the blood circulation becomes slow. Daily a few minutes of exercise wilt pep up more oxygen in the blood stream. Take a lot of Nimboo pani without sugar or just take 8-10 glasses of plain water a day, while bathing clean your face and body with any good scrubs and  alcohol.' Pat the astringent into the skin and do not rub it. Ritringent must seep into, the pores. Wash face 2-3 times in a day with herbal Neem soap. Use a properly washed towel every time you dry your face. This is very important. 
Q. My nails are yellow from the top and under the free edges' of nails  What should l do so that they look clean and bright again ?
A. Stop using nail polish for about 4 weeks. Use only reputed brand of nail enamel. For the free edge of nails, use normal bleaching cream and keep for 15 mts, then wash it off . Repeat the procedure 2-3 times in a fortnight. While eating food, make use of a spoon and do not eat with hands as food leaves its yellow curry stains on nails sometimes. For bleach under the free edges use cotton tipped orange wood stick dipped in bleach cream or dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide.
Q. How does one do the massage of hands and what movements are good for hands ?
A. Bend one, hand slowly with a forward and backward movement to exercise the wrist then start the massage. Take a good hand cream and start the massage, slide your thumbs down towards finger tips and in between give round movements with thumb on the joint of fingers. Then massage the Palm of hands with thumb in circular motion. This movement is very relaxing, Rotate the fingers in large circles, Massage wrist, then top of the hand with a circular movement. End Lip with a normal full hand massage and then wipe off with a wet towel. 
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