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From Dark Circles to Disastrous Nails (Beautician Answers your Problems)

From Dark Circles to Disastrous Nails  (Beautician Answers  your Problems)

Amar S. K. Singh 

Q: How can I get rid of facial hair ? Bleaching just doesn't seem to work. ? 
A Facial hair is caused by hormonal fluctuations. Falling estrogen  levels around the menopause mean that androgens, which are responsible for body hair growth, may become more active. Hereditary factors and stress may also play a role. Shadowy moustaches and chin whiskers look murky and feel rough, but bleaching them isn't ideal , as hairs tend to coarsen and stick out against darker skin tones. Plucking is an easy way of coping with just a few strays - there's no evidence that hair grows back stronger- or you can do threading. 
Q : I am constantly wasting money because I can't find a foundation that suits me?
A : Are you 'testing the right way ? Top make-up artists and beauty consultants recommend testing on the side of the jaw, not the inside of the wrist or back of the hand. Foundation often changes colour when it has been on the skin for a few seconds. Try three foundation stripes to determine the closest match to face and neck. The one nearest your natural skin tone is best. Check the match in daylight ; artificial ting can be misleading. 
Q : Even after a good night's sleep I have dark circles under my eyes. ls there anything I can do to improve them ?
A : Dark circles run a close second to dry lines when it comes to problems around the eye area. The tired looking purplish brown bruised effect is caused by poor circulation in the tiny blood vessels just under the thin, under – eyes  skin. The problem is aggravated bY temperature changes, irritation and exhaustion, and looks worse after sleep when eyes are resting and not blinking to pump fluid away. Periods of fatigue and illness , which can leave the face pale, can heighten the effect. Sometimes  bone structure emphasizes dark circles when high cheekbones cast shadows pn eye hollows. Counteract this with a light- reflecting pigment concealer . Aerobic exercise boosts circulation, oxygenates skin cells and puts roses back into pale cheeks so the shadows are less obvious: 
Q : l've got really ugly  age freckles on my hands, how can I get rid of them ?
 A : Age spots are caused bY a lifetime's exposufe to UV rays. As we age, melanin pigment becomes less evenly distributed and forms in "clumps"..They're most obvious on areas which are constantly exposed- hands, arms, chest and the face. Preparations containing two per cent hydro Quinone (the permitted EU safe level) fade age spots by dissolving melanin granules just beneath the skin's surface. Try Li Quorice extract, which helps prevent age spots forming by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis. 
Q : I blow dry my wavy hair smooth, but if it is damp or humid it, 
Quickly goes into a frizzy mess . ls there anything I can do to keep it smooth and sleek ? A : Naturally wavy or curly  hair goes tizzy in damp conditions because it absorbs the moisture from the air and revert to its original pre-heat styled shape. Specialist anti-frizz products are the ideal solution because they form an invisible coating around each hair, preventing moisture absorption. 
Q: When having a beauty treatment do you tip as with hairdressers ?
A : Itis usually customary to leave a tip. The amount is up to You  and does not usually apply 'if your treatment is given by the saloon owner.'
Q: I'd love to be able to wear eye, make up , but have no confidence when it comes to choosing colours and putting it on. I also want a natural look. Please help
 A : For eye shadow choose a fairly neutral colour like pale taupe, which suits most people. Choose a powder formula and apply lightly all over the lid with a brush. Apply a second coat along the lid close to the lashes to act as an eyeliner. You could dampen the brush for a stronger effect. Apply grey or brown mascara to  the upper lashes only to avoid smudging and comb through after wards with a mascara comb brush. 
Q ; My nails are a disaster- I can never keep polish on and they split easily mainly because l,m gardening and always popping them in and out of 
A : Don' t be too ambitious by aiming for the "Bollywood" look-where hands never give them a once-a-week manicure. Soak in a solution of almond oil arid warm water. Rinse and dry, file, and buff, then soften cuticles with cuticle remover and push back gently with a rubber-edged hoof stick. Apply a nail strengthening base coat. This gives a finish like clear nail varnish and for special occasions you could apply a pale varnish over the top.
Q: l find that foundation and powder show up my dry skin and emphasises, lines. How can I achieve a smooth matt finish with my make up ?   
A: It is important to get rid of  the dead skin cells on your face by exfoliating once a week Use a rich moisturiser like night and a light one during the day. Try a tinted moisturiser rather than your usual foundation and, with your fingertips , apply  a cream  blusher  rather than a powder.
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