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A Pimple? Treatment so simple ((Beautician Answers your Problems)

 A Pimple? Treatment so simple  ((Beautician Answers  your Problems)

Amar S. K. Singh  
Q:  I am 16 yrs old. My skin seems to be very dry but my face is full of acne and black heads.
A: Normally at your age, the sebaceous or oil glands in the teenage skin system, start producing an over dose of oil and when this oil gets exposed to dust pollution and the pores get clogged, then the acne start getting inflamed inside the pore and eventually it forms into Pus and redness. But since you say your skin is dry then the cause can be overwork, sensitive nature, no exercise, irregular undernourished food or stress of studies or something else. Please see that above causes are marked and removed in order to improve your skin texture.
Q: What are the normal precautions one should take, so that oiliness of the skin is checked ?
A: Number one is, absolute cleanliness of facial skin. One can buy  scrub cream from the market and wash twice a day with lukewarm water. Scrub should be used very gently on the face so that it does not damage the skin . Take at least 10 glasses of water daily, preferably using one lemon in the morning glass. Take 4 different fruits every day. Avoid masalas and chillies, cold drinks, tea and coffee. Use Astringent after bath every day on the face.
Q: What kind of face packs one can apply for oily or acne skin ?
A: Normally Chandan + Kaolin, Neem + Kaolin, Kheera + Kaolin, Kaolin and egg white should be applied on face once a week for acne skin. lf my acne borne skin feels very taut then what should I apply on the face so that my acne should not be affected and my skin does not feel taut also. ln market, these days, so many moisturisers are available. Buy one without the oil base and ask for a moisturiser which is grease less. After using astringent use moisturiser. You will feel comfortable the whole day.
Q: Should black heads and acne be taken out at home ?
A: It is preferable that acne should be treated at a good beauty and skin  clinic or by a dermatologist. But in case, it has to be done at home then after thorough cleansing of the face, it should be steamed and then with a sterilised comedon extractor one should extract the pus of black head carefully, use alcohol or any antiseptic lotion.
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