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YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (Beautician Answers your Problems)

(Beautician Answers  your Problems)
Amar S. K. Singh 
A good programme of nutrition is a must for every woman whose aim is  beauty. Apart from diets to suit your individual needs  and activities, there are basic principles of nutrition that apply to everyone. 
Q: What kind of food are rich in proteins and carbohydrates? What are their benefits?  
A: Bau meat, fish & poultry, skimmed milk ,soya beans, lentils cheese & eggs form bone 'tissue & blood keep the flesh firm and fill the body  with vital energy.
CARBOHYDRATES ',. Vegetables & fruits, bread cakes, potatoes rice & cereals provide important nutrients for growing  children, remove fatigue, give  Quick energy & satisfy hunger. Taking in more carbohydrates can contribute to flabby flesh & over weight.
A: Sugar comes under a form of carbohydrates. All foods contain a small amount of sugar. Normal body takes its sugar level from vegetables, fruits & breads.  What is refined sugar? Refined sugar has calories & no food value. Candy, Chocolate & soft drinks are bad for teeth & complexion. 
Q: How much fats does the body require?
A: Body needs fats for body heats, lubrication of the skin & for air. lt  is found in the natural fat content of dairy products & meat.
 Use unsaturated oils instead of ghee & butter.   
Do not eat too much fatty food. lt is bad for digestion & the vascular system.
Fatty food gives an over oily complexion & enlarged pores. Fried food, rich pastries, fat filled dressings should be avoided. Also greasy on cream nuts & olives.
 Q: Why is so mueh importance giver to, vifamin? Which vitamins are essential for good complexion.?
A: Vitamins are very important for over all well-being and vital for skin, Vitamin A  fights infection, repair  tissue, helps circulation, is good for eyes.lt is found in cod liver oil, spinact & carrots.   
Vitamin B Complex- Helps the body utilise the nutrients, strengthen nerves, relieves stress & keeps gland in good condition.
Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin is good for bones. Eat as much raw fruit & vegetables as possible. Don't over cook as over cooking destroys the vitamins. Between meals drink six to eight glasses of water daily.
Vitamin E - combats cold, helps build connective tissue, forms red blood 'cells, good for teeth & gums.
 Found in Citrus fruits, Straw berries  Sprouts Amla.   
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