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Hindutava or RSS  mindset people feel the world is jealous of India the world power and that is why India is discriminated against globally. See what they think…
Our unique ancient science is yet to be recognized by the world . What the scientists are doing today we did it 5,000 years ago.  We had pushap vimanas what the world has today in the form of jet airplanes. Because we are different people and different from the rest. The West has stolen our ancient books and they are getting ideas from those. Look what u can do without digit zero (0) invented by ancient Indian mathematicians.
It is surely the indifferent and discriminatory attitude of the Olympic Committee that they deliberately ignore the events where we excel: of laziness, dishonesty, corruption, casteism, communal violence, genocide of minorities, and caste wars. Sad no notice of us is being taken of or acknowledged or accepted as an event. To encourage Olympics what have we not done? Did we not give give  P.T Usha, Milkha Singh etc. the honours of winners of Olympic Gold medals while they had missed even the bronze. Discrimination….
Thank God now at last the world has come to realize our leg power. It is not just a days of pursuit though It took us years. We are proud of our Sushmita Sen, Aishvarya , Diana Hayden, Lara Duttas and are destined to produce many such Beauty  Queens. Can any country match our effort on this event: our  competitions namely Miss Street, Miss City, Miss State, Miss lndia and then with heads held high we throw challenge at Miss World and then Miss Universe contests. Our future competitions will be Miss Cosmos and Miss Galaxy and Miss lnfinite and so  on.
We, as you know produce biggest number of films in the world and none would be complete if some 'Prem Kahani' or Love story is not depicted. What ever the action our brave lndians out-rightly reject any show which  does not have some sex appeal in it.
We hate such cultures which promote work culture. Stupid isn’t it ‘Work is Worship'?  If we have got a little amount of money we need not work at all. We get , those 'very active' servants from Bihar, Orissa etc. who would work just for , Rs. 500 or 1000 a month : we have a culture in which one man works and feeds' ten mouths'. It is a matter of pride that about 90% of our girls are busy in , nail growing mission. Their families take pride in it and would help them grow then to ‘some  honourable  length’. What more discriminatory treatment of the Olympics could be that they have not added or acknowledged it as an Olympic event.
We are proud of our Bathinda district of the Punjab where the liquor consumption is more than the consumption of many countries put together. Even the consumption is more than that of the whole of UP state. Should there be any fall in the liquor consumption, it adversely affects on the Govts and Govt might fall. ls not our economy unique ?
On the front of illiteracy, we are number one. Why should we produce more educated people as they start demanding one thing after other. Who will give them jobs? Ours is a  closed door economy. Why should we open our doors to the world? Interaction with the world and our whole unique character is lost. Interaction with the world and we are in danger ‘desh ki akhandta ko khatra ho jata’.We don't want any inroads into our unique culture. Our caste culture is well founded and don't you know even our 'Father of Nation’ (Mahatma Gandhi) used to take pride in it and would justify casteism. Doesn’t our intellectuals defend it every now and then? We are proud of our heritage.  Mera Bharat mahan.
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