Sikhs in Congress India: One war won. Will you be able to erase this nation completely?

On India’s independence the Sikhs opted to remain with India despite offers by the British of separate Sikh state because the Hindu leaders had promised protection of minorities in the forthcoming India. But once free the first reward Sikhs got for their sacrifices for India was the Sikhs were declared a criminal tribe. Indian leaders like Nehru and Gandhi who had even promised a free state for Sikhs shamelessly said, “Now the circumstances are changed.” Worst kind of discrimination started against Sikhs. Sikhism was declared a part of Hinduism. Minority protection rights given by the British were withdrawn. The so called low castes in Sikhism were denied the benefits of SC/ST. Punjabi language was denied its due. River waters were snatched from Punjab. Secret programmes launched to assimilate Sikhism into Hinduism.
The Sikhs launched a peaceful and pure democratic agitation which saw its height in early 80s. At one point of time record number of Sikhs (56000) were jailed. The Govt had no explanation before the international fora and felt embarrassed. Violence was thus  systematically introduced into the Sikh movement to defame it before the international community and handle it through the armed forces. Sant Bhinderanwale a non-political person (though otherwise a dedicated but with militant ideology) was initially projected and encouraged by Govt through its mass media. Was finally encouraged to take refuge in Golden Temple and was wholly surrounded by agents of India’s secret agencies like the IB, RAW and Military Intelligence and was daily briefed and guided by their agents. (Once again I repeat he was sincere to the cause but his view was that Sikhs could get justice through gun only)
Now the Indira Govt got the required stick to beat the Sikhs. Ignoring the sentiments of millions of Sikhs it attacked Golden Temple to capture the Sant it had tactfully created. Sikh sanctum sanatorium was defiled on June 6, 1984 and Sant martyred. But God has his own ways to tackle the tyrants. Indira Gandhi was assasinated on Oct 31, 1984 by her own security guards.
Thus Indira who had planned to massacre Sikhs on a larger scale was herself killed. The massacre plan had to be advanced and brought into action on her murder itself. About 3000 Sikhs were massacred in various states of India especially in Delhi were the security forces remained mute spectators. Congress got the reward and it was returned to power with a record majority in Dec. 1984 because it had launched a massive disinformation campaign against the minority community.
A large number of Punjab youth thus joined the late Sant Bhinderanwale camp and launched militant action. The intelligence agencies immediately joined the militants and carried out a mass killings in Punjab. About 25,000 Sikh youth (according to estimate of Govt agencies) Slowly the agencies strengthened their grip over the movement and crushed it with iron hand when the Govt changed. In tactics they even killed their own sympathisers.
by 1994 the open war with Sikhs  was over and back bone of the Sikh movement was broken. Where Hindu politics and statesmanship had failed the armed forces won.
But the Congress Govt did not stop its anti-Sikh programme. Now in the second phase a cold war launched by Congress centre against the Sikhs has been intensified and the Centre is determined to erase the Sikh element from Punjab and elsewhere. By now (Oct. 2011) the Govt have achieved the following goals:
1.    Sikh representation in Central services have been almost abolished especially in the armed forces and administrative services,
2.    A large scale plan to absorb Sikhism in Hinduism is on. Various deras have been promoted to confuse the Sikhs Controlled Media (all kind of) is also engaged. Some of the deras are claiming membership of more than tens of millions.
3.    Most of the Sikh writers have been brainwashed and are being utilised against the faith. University teachers are being similarly misused. The Communists in Punjab have been extensively used against their own community.
4.    As a result of systematic propaganda the low Sikh growth rate in population has been achieved (less than 1% per annum. 2.1% is minimum where a community can sustain numbers) which means Sikhs will be a minority in Punjab in 30 years. Punjabi farmer is being encouraged to use maximum of poison so that it results in impotency among the population.
5.    About 25 lac migrant labour has arrived in Punjab to substitute the loss of Punjabi population.
6.    Punjab river waters have been fully tamed to be used in the neighbouring states. Punjab farmer is being encouraged to pump the soil water. In about 20 years water table will go down to such an extent that it will not be practical to pump it for agriculture purposes.
7.    Punjab vast industrial sector has been completely ruined and industry shifted to neighbouring states.
8.    Punjab is being encouraged to become a consumer state through propaganda.
9.    Education completely destroyed.  Punjab which stood at 11 place in 1971 census now stands at 18 place (25 place in male literacy) So much so not even 3% of the rural students can get admission in technical colleges of Punjab. To befool people the Govt encouraged mass copying in exams to bring exaggerated results. Similarly corruption and mal-administration allowed in Punjab Board to make it a mere mockery so that the schools opt Central Board.
10.    Completely demoralised and having lost faith in Govt the Punjab youth is fleeing to other countries by hook or crook.
11.    Punjab is named after its five river: Punj Aab but now a sixth river of drugs is flowing in Punjab all with the connivance of Govt agencies. So much so even politicians are also used in it who provide protection to the drug net work.
12.    Sometimes ago Basmati rice from Punjab was exported to USA, the USA food department food the rice as unfit for human consumption as it contained too much pesticides. But in Punjab there are hundreds of commodities where the pesticide content is much more as found on Basmati. As a result of high content of toxic commodities a large number of our youth (boys and girls) are becoming sterile.
13.    Punjab’s politicians are too scared to take up the real local issues. Once the Deputy CM openly revealed that if we take up the issues the Centre will dismiss the state assembly through one pretext. The politicians are living in a constant threat. So much so hundreds of security persons are regularly attached with the Chief Minister of Punjab. When he visits a particular area thousands of security personnel are deployed. Every politician (as a rule) has bee given security of at least half a dozen personnel.
14.    Punjabi the language of Punjab is being reduced to a mere dialect of Hindi. Most schools of Punjab are directly affiliated with Central Hindi boards to make the Punjabi language irrelevant.
15.    A large army of touts have been raised by brainwashing the Sikhs and Communists  who are working against the Sikh interests. Such touts have been exported to other countries where ever there is a sizeable Sikh population. These touts are actively working against Sikh interests on internet.

In spite of all this the  Sikh psyche is in high spirits. They say this is not the first time they facing such a situation. Sikhs saw such times after 1604 AD (When V Nanak assassinated) 1710 (X Nanak assassinated) and 1849 (Lahore annexed by British). They feel they hardly worry of the less numbers. They feel even one person is enough to propagate the philosophy of Guru Nanak. They believe Guru Nanak was one and his unadulterated philosophy survives in the form of Guru Granth sahib. They quote the lines from Jafarnamah of Guru Gobind Singh which he wrote to emperor Aurangzeb  which roughly says like this;
“So what if you have killed all my four sons and thousands of followers, the coiled Cobra is still alive” We believe Sikhs have no danger so long the philosophy of Guru Nanak exists in the form of  “the coiled cobra” the  Guru Granth sahib. A single person can bring revolution like Banda Bahadur did.
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