The partition of India could not break the relations of respective people with their neighbours. Sikhs and Hindus have about 500 religious, historical and cultural shrines in Pakistan while the Pakistanis have their strong link with Indian land because of thousands of religious sites in Pakistan.
Because of political affairs the successive Congress Govts in India have been trying to break this link which is becoming stronger day by day.
On many an occasion the visas to Sikhs wishing to go to Pakistan to pay their obeisance at the departed shrines have been refused and in every case the Pakistan Govt was blamed. However now the things have become clear that it is the Congress Govt in Centre which is playing villain's role in denying the visas to pilgrims of the two countries.
It is historically established fact that who so ever king punished the saints or religious people would loose the kingdom. And we hope this is what is going to happen in India. We wish the villain looses in these elections.
Corridor to Kartarpur is a glaring example of Congress's communalism. Pakistan is ready to grant visa free corridor to Indians visiting the border shrine, even Punjab legislative assembly also approved this corridor yet the Congress Govt in Centre is denying the pilgrimage right to Sikhs in violation of international conventions on pilgrimages.    
Here is the example where India Govt has denied visas to Muslims visiting Ajmer sharief etc.

Pakistan summons Indian diplomat over visa denial to 500 pilgrims
Press Trust of India | Islamabad | May 2, 2014 9:37 pm

Avoid Ajmer visit for ‘Urs’: Pak to citizens
Pakistan cancels visit by pilgrims to Delhi
Indian Hindus barred from entering Nankana Sahib in Pak over visa issue

Pakistan on Friday summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner Gopal Baghlay to lodged a protest over denial of visas to 500 Pakistani pilgrims to visit the famed shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer.

Visits to religious shrines in Pakistan and India are governed under the Bilateral Protocol on Visits to the Religious Shrines, 1974.

Pakistan conveyed its deep disappointment and concern over the denial of visas by the Indian government, a statement released by the Foreign Office said.

This is the fourth time that visas have been denied to Pakistani pilgrims in the past one year, it said.

This is not only against the bilateral agreement, but also runs contrary to the efforts towards normalising ties between the two countries and the spirit of people-to-people contacts, the Ministry said.

Foreign Office sources here said that India has officially intimated that as general elections are being held in the country, it would be difficult to host the pilgrims.

Reached for comments, Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said: “Our High Commission in New Delhi has the information that Rajasthan government has no problems in hosting the pilgrims.”

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