UK's Eastbourne Air Show

Coast or beach town Eastbournes Airbourne is one of the UK's largest free airshows. The show is supported well by the Royal Air Force and the other UK armed services. Eastboure also regularly attracts support from overseas, particularly the Belgian and Dutch air forces. As well as four days of flying displays, there are other events around Eastbourne including concerts and an impressive fireworks display.
Eastbourne is South of London on the coast of English channel.
It was a fantastic show of combination of the new and old. War ships of the times of World War II showed their aerobatics as also the latest ones. We are sorry our camera could not freeze the supersonic plans. 
We found the air show is a special attraction for UK's aged. 
Some pilots enjoyed making 'heart' symbol the others said 'V' stands for victory, some spread colours in the sky while some merely thundered after getting up and down. Then thee were people who stood on the roof of planes and then the plane was up-side down etc.

See the story in images in Sections:

Deals with planes only
but the more interesting is Part II the People, the overview of the site and old ones


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