United Kingdom (UK) is made up of countries of England, Wales and Scotland and North Ireland. Some people in Scotland demanded that Scotland be separated from UK. Before people could start dying demanding independence from UK, the UK Govt decided to hold a referendum where in people are being asked whether they want independence from UK or not. So today i.e Sept. 18  is the day when Scots are saying YES or NO.

What ever the decision there will be no blood shed in the name of freedom. Now the separatists will have no moral right to raise the bogey of freedom, if lost. Thus the Govt instead of fighting the separatists will focus on development.

I am writing all this to tell you that there are demands in your country too. Some people in Kashmir, Punjab, Mizoram & Nagaland are fighting for freedom. So much so thousands of such people have laid down their lives for this cause. This is really bad. Often the India media blames that there are only handful of such people. International media often portrays a 42 year old lady called Irom Sharmila who has not eaten any thing since Nov. 5,  2000. All that she is demanding that the Indian Army powers to kill a person in Mizoram be withdrawn. What to talk of other 'handful of people', this iron lady alone is bringing shame to the so claimed biggest democracy of the world.
Irom Sharmila or the Iron Lady who has not eaten any thing
since Nov. 2000. Her demand is simple that the army
 should not have power to kill people during the peace times.

My suggestion is why don't you also conduct plebiscite on such issues in the areas under question?
Sometimes my Hindu friends say, "Don't you see India conducts elections every 5 years." If that be case, the people of respective states have demonstrated their support to such 'handful of people' from time to time. Once Punjab boycotted the elections and only 11% people voted and the Govt thus formed crushed with heavy hand those 89% people.

In the year 1953 our respected former Prime Minister of India Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru committed a promise in writing that India will conduct a referendum in Kashmir whether they want independence or not but unfortunately you have failed to conduct one for all these 61 years.

 But unfortunately India though claims itself a democracy has never asked the people where ever a section of society has raised such a demand i.e for freedom from Delhi.

Today this special day I appeal to your conscience to search it, if every thing is fine. I am sure you will find many rotten quarters.

In the name of billions of downtrodden people some of whom even go to bed without dinner, I request you to avoid spending major part of your budget on armed forces. Empower the people instead. They will defend your country. Give India the freedom. Mind it today is only AAP tomorrow the whole country might be up in arms.

Learn from UK, learn from Soviet Russia, if you really want your country to claim greatness. 

Mind it when UK left you in 1947, your one rupee could buy one pound and almost 2 US dollars. Now see where your rupee stand today? DOWN BY ONE HUNDRED TIMES.

In the name of Bhagwan Ram I want you to listen the people. 

Brotherly yours
Bhabishan Singh Goraya

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