My Facebook friend from Pakistan has visited Kartarpur sahib the holy shrine where Guru Nanak passed away. Kartarpur is close to Indo-Pakistan borber and is visible from Indian side. Sikhs are demanding a visa-free passage to Kartarpur sahib. Indian Punjab's legislative Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution seeking corridor. The Delhi Govt (as usual) is delaying the approval of corridor. 
Mustapha has sent some beautiful photos of Kartarpur which we share with our friends. Mustapha takes pride in sending me some pixels where the soldiers from Bloch Regiment of Pakistan are paying obeisance to last abode of Guru Nanak.
It is first time we share the photo of bomb Indian Air Force dropped on Kartarpur sahib. The Pakistan authorities have preserved the bomb and is on display at Kartarpur sahib. We have already shared the demolition of Kartarpur Bridge over the river Ravi which was bombarded by Indian Army. Here we also come across view of SGGS darbar where RSS goons have done mischief.
A road sign on Narowal -Shakargarh road where we turn for Kartarpur
Kartarpur -most probably it is view from south
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Welcome gate at Kartarpur - It reads Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh i.e The Khalsa belongs to God and victory be to Him.

Gulam Mustapha Dogar poses for photo

Sad.. The management has installed a painting of Guru Nanak on kartarpur building which violates Sikh code of conduct
Muslim style grave of Guru Nanak at Kartarpur

Muslim style grave of Guru Nanak at Kartarpur. It is for the first time that the grave is also covered now. It has traditionally been roofless
Samadh or Marhi the Hindu style tomb of Guru Nanak at Kartarpur

Servant's quarters at Kartarpur sahib

Seat of Sri Guru Granth sahib. Here you will see how the RSS agents have mischieviously imposed
deformed logo of Sikhs on the palki. Obviously the Sikh logo is in Gurmukhi but here the logo is in Devnagari Hindi which RSS is now trying to impose on Sikhs.  It is clearly visible how the logo has been subsequently added. 

The bombardment of Kartarpur by Indian Forces.

Pakistani army people remove their shoes while they enter the holy premises

Soldiers from Baloch Regiment of Pakistan army.

The holy well of Guru Nanak

The holy well of Guru Nanak

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Ajmer Singh Randhawa said...

This sacred place or Gurdwara is situated very near to dividing line.. During 1971 fiercful war took place at Ravi Bridge The bridge was under Indian control Pakistan attacked so heavvily that our soldiers posted acroos Ravi could not return or to say india didn't wait for their safe return but blew off the bridge to stop advance of Pak army Most of the officers and soldiers were arrested after they had to surrender. Since the these unfortunate 54 Indian POWs couldn't be traced. India suffred a heavy loss at this front.
for more information, kindly visit;

Anonymous said...

Humanity should end this madness of rivalry. The madness is fueled by what Einstein called 'infantile disease' of nationalism. We are pawns in the hands of manipulating leaders who only care about their own seat, party, race, or religion; instead of what is good for humanity. Let us start to dream unification of Pakistan and India. I think it is a good dream and a good start...

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