Massania a historical village near Batala is a place of pilgrimage for my friends across the border. On their request I had visited this village 4-5 years ago. Today I happen to go to village and I could not stop my self paying obeisance at the  holy place. I upload the photos I clicked with the hope my dear friend Abbas Sadiq Massanavi will provide the necessary history and captions.
It is Dargah of Hazret Shah Badar Diwan a pious peer of Muslims. On Aug 18th 1498 A.D Hazret came to Batala. From the name it appears that it was a cremation ground before the Hazret arrived. Shamshan is a Sanskrit word which means cremation ground and in Punjabi we simply call it massan. Massania is a plural of massan. It is also likely that the name of place was different when the Hazret stayed here and became Massania because there being many graves. Any way it is a pious village.

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