With media mostly under the control of Govt, members of minorities are first demonized on a mass scale. After the wave of hatred generated, massacre of minority is carried out either directly by police or army or through mobs. The ruler emerges as hero and thus gains in vote politics. Sikhs being just 2% in population are the first choice of politicians. Here are some examples:…

Indira Gandh (ex PM)

Intention of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of Congress Govt was to gain in vote politics. The general elections were due in Dec. 1984.

Then the TV and radio were run by the Govt itself.

In those days the Golden Temple in Amritsar housed in a pool of water was the first tourist attraction and second was Taj Mahal in Agra.

Golden Temple
Golden Temple Amritsar

The Hindu fundamentalist clergy of the likes of RSS and Arya Samaj were/are jealous of  the Sikh philosophy which denounces division of society on caste lines, while Indira Gandhi would go all out to appease these fundamentalists.

Harchand Singh Longowal  was then in charge of  Golden Temple management who was later proved to be under the influence of Indian spy agency the Intelligence Bureau.

Sant Bhinderanwale was emerging as the most popular preacher of Sikhism. Obviously Hindu fundamentalists were opposed to him.

Sant Bhinderanwale

 Longowal invited Sant Bhinderanwale to take up residence in the Golden Temple complex to evade arrest in July 1982.

Then the Govt launched massive propaganda through its media that Bhinderanwale was a militant leader. Hindu leaders like Bal Thakrey would daily issue militant statements against Bhinderanwale who would reply in the same coin.

A feeling of hatred against Bhinderanwale and Sikhs was then built up in the minds of innocent masses of India. The hate propaganda was reaching climax in the middle of 1984. Otherwise, considered as servants of society, the Sikhs were now branded as terrorists in the Indian minds.

Damaged Akal Takhat

Indian spy agency was secretly supplying fire arms to Bhinderanwale and advising this saint to give armed opposition when the police comes to arrest him.

And finally the Army is ordered to invade Golden Temple complex on a  festival day to eliminate ‘terrorists’. There were only about 3 dozen  Sikh militants  while an estimated 4000 to 8000 innocent lives were lost and the historical Akal Takhat demolished while several rounds were fired on Golden Temple.


The Sikh youth was infuriated at this. Un-organised, they individually then took to arms. Indian spy agency would first supply them guns and then eliminate them in the infamous ‘false police encounters’. Most innocent youth were picked from their homes and eliminated. It is estimated that about 25000 youth were killed between 1984 to 1992.


The Sikh body guards then killed Indira Gandhi on Oct 31, 1984 to avenge attack on holy place. (Today i.e June 2024, his son who killed Indira has won the election from Punjab)

The successor Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi  (son of Indira Gandhi) then secretly ordered massacre of Sikhs. About 3500- 4000 Sikhs were slau ghtered to avenge murder of Indira Gandhi.


While elections took place on schedule in Dec.’84. Magic of massacre ; the Congress Party won it with such a record margin which is unbroken till today.

Alas! The conspirator (Indira) was not there to enjoy the fruit.

The Indian politicians took a leaf from this experiment and are thus using members of minorities  as dummies to win elections.


To tell the world that Sikhs are terrorist, the Indian secret agency RAW conspired bombing of Kanishak airliner. The Boeing plane with 329 passengers which took off from Toronto on Nov. 8, 1985 was blasted with a time bomb at Atlantic ocean killing all. Employees of High Commission who were travelling in this flight cancelled their booking at last moment. Three Sikhs were suspected in this crime. Maloy Krishan Dhar the then RAW officer posted in Canada has revealed in his book ‘Open Secrets’ that militants like Talwinder Singh Parmar were innocently working on his (Dhar’s) direction. Suspects have since been killed either in India or Canada. The last to be killed was Ripudaman Singh Mallick in 2022. Even the Canadian investigators had then suspected role of Indian High Commission  and deported the entire staff of RAW but they didn’t pursue it to logical end, may be keeping in mind the international relations.….

Anyhow, the Kanishka crash was comspiracy of Indian Government to malign Sikhs.  "...the Indian Consul General in Toronto, Mr. Surinder Malik, pulled his wife and daughter off the flight shortly before it took off. A friend of the Consul General who was a car dealer in Toronto also cancelled his reservation. An Indian government official named Siddhartha Singh was also scheduled on the doomed flight and cancelled. Surinder Malik called the Canadian authorities about the crime before it was reported publicly that it had occurred to try to point them to a Sikh he claimed was on the passenger 

list. The pilot of the flight was a Sikh..."                                                       

REAL CULPRIT IN AIR INDIA BOMBING IS INDIA ...https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CRECB-2000-pt17/html/CRECB-2000-pt17-Pg25785-6.htm

Slaughter of 35 Sikhs at Chittisinghpora

The then US president Bill Clinton was to visit India on March 24, 2000. On March 20, 35 innocent Sikh villagers of Chittisinghpora in Jammu & Kashmir were taken out of their homes and slaughtered. Indian Govt and media then cried that neighbouring country had done this. Later the enquiries (including those of Govt agency CBI) proved that Indian army did it. 


Deployment of Sikh soldiers in war

After independence in 1947, India reduced the number of Sikhs in army. However where ever military  action was needed Sikh soldiers were pushed on the front. May it be conflict with Pakistan, China, in Sri Lanka to fight against rebels or in Kashmir.


In March 2002, when Narender Modi was CM of Gujrat, about 2000 Muslims were killed by mobs which had hidden police support on the orders from Modi. There after Modi emerged as hero of Hindus and his party is winning elections ever since. Even in this election (i.e May 2024)  his party won 25 seats out of 26 in Gujrat.


Before Modi’s last election in 2019, a bomb blast killed 40 para military men in Kashmir. Satya Pal Mallick the then Governor of Jammu Kashmir has now revealed that it was Modi Govt’s own conspiracy to win elections. Modi had removed him as Governor.


Elections have recently (May 2024) concluded in India. This time no massacre of Sikhs but unfortunately Christian bore the brunt in Manipur state now.


In the last five years, however the Sikh holy scripture was desecrated at hundred of places. It is widely alleged that Indian spy agency does it paying huge amounts of money to criminals.


Desecration of holy places of minorities has unfortunately  been the consistent policy of Indian secret agencies. Obviously they will not stop exporting this unholy policy to overseas. Lo and behold! here the victim is different: the Hindu temples itself. And the Sikhs were invariably blamed for it. Over the years there were news that Hindu temples in US, Canada and Australia were defaced with objectionable graffiti until Brisbane Australia police investigated that graffiti was done with the connivance of temple management itself.  There after, fortunately no blasphemy case took place.


With dissenting voices now virtually dumb on Indian soil, the Indian fundamentalists have  adopted a different slogan; ‘GHUS KE MARENGE’ i.e ‘will penetrate into their home and kill’. Which means we will secretly infiltrate in foreign lands and kill adversaries. Their policy has since been exposed in Canada, US and Pakistan.

Hardip Singh Nijjar of Canada. Allegedly killed by Indian agents

After the international opinion  build up against ‘GHUS KE MARENGE’ policy of Modi Govt,  positive signs are apparent in India. Let us continue to strive to make world a better place to live in.

Meanwhile Australia need to be alerted that we people from  Indian origin not only feel but see presence of thousands of Indian spies in Australia.



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