ਇੰਗਲੈਂਡ ਵਿਚ ਸੱਚ ਮੁੱਚ ਰੱਬ ਵਸਦਾ

by B.S.Goraya

·    Our Master Guru Nanak advised us that almighty God is not away from us. He is close to us but there is a curtain of ego between us and Him. Here in England I feel the people are comparatively less egoistic.
·       While on way, these English people say hi hallo to strangers. They give way to others but in turn expect that other should say thanks. Yesterday I was with my host that on a turn we found another vehicle was coming towards us. But when the other saw us he took his vehicle back. We could pass. My host was busy talking to me. My host forgot say the other motorist 'thanks'. At this the motorist cried, "you owe me a thanks." My host felt very much ashamed. 

Scene of a nursery class

Scene of a nursery class

When I requested the teacher to that I want a shot of your students. She politely refused. However Mrs. Fernie Linda allowed me to photograph her along with my child

Mrs. Fernie Linda

Another parent allowed me to take snap of her daughter.
·       Employees of the public service be it teachers, hospital staff or police they volunteer to help you. While in our India if you ask something from a nurse she would feel a big burden on her in replying. As far the police is concerned we all know how much they help you. These white people are very humble in public dealings.

·       Religion advises us to live in present and don't worry much about the future. But our character is on the contrary. We always ignore our present worrying about the future. We always try to save something for the 'uncertain future.' Here in UK that way people are poor. They get weekly salaries and they finish money by Sunday. They don't save. Their Govt takes their care. Education is free here and so is health services. Every  old person gets pension and so do the pregnant ladies. Parents get children allowance.

·       Because here the people are less egoistic as a result of which there are fewer quarrels and fights. Yes the whites go mad when they drink in the pubs. That is why the pubs here have wrestler type of persons engaged to handle mad. In the morning often the drunkards find themselves in the police lock ups. 
·      The population density of England is more than Punjab, yet the Govt here promotes child birth. They have realised that necessity is the mother of invention and if there are more mouths to eat ways will be invented to find more food. Unfortunately our egoistic and hypocrite scholars think themselves wiser than Guru Nanak who said, "God creates food before a child is born."  Recently when the Akal Takhat Jathedar ordered every Sikh couple to have 4 babies our so called scholars hurled choices abuses on him.

·         I had apprehensions that the English people misunderstand the Sikhs as Muslims but I felt every Englishman is aware of the separate identity of Sikhs. Yes I do feel those Sikhs who trim beards are misunderstood as Muslims.

·         Here the roads have duly separate tracks for pedestrians and cyclists. It is my month now in England I am yet to see a broken road here. Here the things are moving automatically with a well defined rule that is why they don't need police. The people here are not in hurry. While in India even the religion says that, "Hurry is the character of evil" yet every body in India is in hurry. Think of the roads and building corners in India. Every body spitting Paan every where. But here you can spit on the road what to talk of urinating along the road side. You can't through a piece of paper on the road. The man on your back will be prompt to complaint against you.

·        Slap a child is a distant thing you can't even scold him. Well you are at liberty to love him as much as you can.  In nursery schools they have toys for the babies to play and bed as well.

·       Here in the schools the feelings and intelligence of a child is not suppressed rather it is given time to find expression. Whereas we want that child should live according to our wishes. We never endeavour to explore the child's mind. Here the child need not take big bags to school. I have not seen any school bus here. Many children here use skates type wheeler they call scooter.
·        Sometimes back in Delhi,  I found a slogan written on the bus, "Ask for milk and we give it with sweets. Ask for Kashmir and we cut you in pieces."     
   on the other hand here a discussion on TVs, radios  and newspapers is going on whether Scotland which is a province of UK should be free from it or not. So much so there is going to be referendum on Sept. 18 and people will vote whether Scotland should be free or remain with UK. You can imagine how the British are tolerant to discuss it all. But can we really discuss such a thing.

 In fact Indians have born slavery for thousand years and with the neo freedom the Hindu has become egoistic and jealous. He wants every body under his thumb; be it a Kashmiri, a Naga, a Sikh or a Mezo. He is ready to do so at the cost of keeping his people poor and uneducated. Friends you should create some quality so that people voluntarily remain with you instead you suppress others to accept your hegemony.
 I feel sorry when I think how in Kashmir thousands of people have been murdered simply because they want plebiscite conducted whether they want to remain with India or not for which even a prime minister of India promised in UNO some 60 years ago.
 May God bestow common sense to Indian people so that they fight poverty, unemployment and corruption rather than suppressing their fellow beings. I know it is only possible if the India can attain transparent administration.
Remember your stick will not help you for ever means with Atom Bombs  you can't keep others under your thumb.  Had it been possible USSR would not have collapsed. Have fear of God in your mind. Don't teach chauvinism to the students. Remember even your own constitution talks about democracy.

Guru Nanak's  God lives there where there is no ego.

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