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1947 Partition Photos from Life


When Dogs and Vultures had Hay Days

Instigated by foolish and selfish leaders when Punjabis became beasts and brother killed his brother, when biggest rape of Punjabis sisters took place, when biggest migration of the human history took place, when one million Punjabis were massacred, when the loving 5 Rivers of Punjab carried corpses instead of irrigating the fields. This despite when the innocent Punjabis were celebrating 'Freedom' which was not their own. THE SORDID SAGA OF 1947. THE STORY OF MASSACRES.
After massacre of the hapless the goons would look out for valuables
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Don't blame the callousness on the Railways because this scene was every where
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The living felt that throwing the bodies in to Rivers Canals was the easiest way to cremate

Most were killed but many died of disease

The scene after attack of goons

The last resort is begging but how the hungry will donate?

It was only to certain distance that the near and dear ones could be carried. But when hordes attacked the dependents were abandoned and ultimately killed by goons

Some goons spared the children, old and women

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What holds life without husband?

Hi men I am lost. Can any body identify me?

Refugee Camp

The lucky could get treatment

When the tears dried

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